Activated carbon filters


Activated carbon filters enable the air to be purified by means of a process that eliminates pollutants using an activated carbon filter. Due to its pores, this element is able to absorb a considerable number of organic substances which are then extracted by steam or nitrogen. The activated carbon consists of atoms of vegetable or mineral carbon in powder or granule form. It is able to act as a natural filter of pollutants from different types of processes.


Realization of activated carbon filters


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Activated carbon filters


The main industries adopting this type of activated carbon filters are the chemical and manufacturing industries using paints, the graphic industries, dry cleaners, mechanical industries that perform degreasing, fibre, rubber and artificial leather industries and companies that carry out oxidation of organic substances. Also the food, chemical and other industries may require a system of activated carbon filters to purify the emissions released by the processes carried out.

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