dry painting booths

Dry painting booths


Painting booths are an essential piece of equipment for modern industries dealing with work processes that produce mist pollutants as in the case of painting. The main purpose of these booths is to collect all the painting substances that do not adhere to the part being coated, thus reducing the toxic emissions in accordance with international regulations concerning health at work. This type of dry painting booth is designed to extract and purify the air removing the volatile pigments released by the painting operation.


Realization of Dry painting booths


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Dry painting booths


The structures of these dry painting booths are produced using various materials: zinc-coated metal sheet, stainless steel, insulated or polypropylene panels. The panels forming the booth are fastened together with bolts to create a self-supporting structure. Filter-holding runners are fitted on the extraction side, while a centrifugal fan is fitted on the roof. The fan enables the air which is rich in coating powder to be extracted and channelled into the filtration system.

The dry painting booths are produced by our company with a high level of customisation according to our customers’ specific requirements and the sector of application. One of the most important advantages of this equipment is that the cost of running the plant is lower than other systems and, furthermore, the painting booths guarantee an excellent purification of the powder-filled air. Moreover, the maintenance or the replacement of any panels does not involve excessive costs or any particular problems.


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