Cartridge filters


A cartridge filter is a useful tool for purifying water which works as a result of the water passing through a porous material. The cartridges forming this type of filter consist of ceramic or polypropylene elements in pressurised spaces.

This type of filter is very often used in companies dealing with chemical and pharmaceutical products, raw materials, wood and metals to eliminate microbial elements, suspended substances, metals, organic and inorganic compounds, radioactive nuclides and cloudy suspensions in industrial plants of a limited size.


Realization of cartridge filters


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Cartridge filters


The cartridge filters offered by our company are produced in two versions: modular with a rectangular cross-section or with a circular cross-section to satisfy our customers’ requirements fully. The cartridge filters are also designed with an eye to countercurrent cleaning by means of the use of compressed air. When the product is chosen, the number of cartridges must also be assessed according to the speed at which the pollutant crosses the system and the type of filtering medium.

The cartridge filters are made of panels fastened together with bolts in a modular way. This enables our company to transport filtration systems even of large dimensions without any difficulty. Moreover, the simple modular structure allows the filtration surfaces to be expanded at a later date if the need should arise. The main materials used to produce the cartridge filters are galvanised sheet, sheet carbon steel and other materials.

This type of cartridge filter belongs to a consolidated and widely adopted industrial tradition, especially in small buildings, thanks to its ease of use and the relatively limited costs compared with other solutions.


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