Pocket filters


Pocket filters are accumulating devices with disposable pockets and they are available both in the compact versions and in other rectangular cross-section electro-welded models. The quantity of pockets applied must be calculated according to the flow of air to be conveyed and type of pollutant to be treated. Very often this type of filter is also used to reintegrate the air into the environment, having obviously first fitted an absolute filter. Pocket filters are customisable and are designed and produced on the basis of customer requirements, in sheet steel and with different levels of efficiency.


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Pocket filters


This type of filtration solution is suitable for companies producing welding fumes such as the metallurgical companies, for those tackling problems arising as a result of the clogging of carbons, for food and chemical industries, or even as a safety filter for the re-circulation of air in the environment. Up till now, pocket filters are the most economic solution with the highest level of practicality and ease of installation on air conditioning or dust removing units. The products are simple to replace even in old plants and feature sturdiness and reliability.
Pocket filters are an excellent solution for environments in which purified air is necessary such as hospitals, clinics, companies in which particular work processes are carried out, conference rooms, hotels and luxury resorts, management centres, chemical or food laboratories, but also for traditional work environments and many others besides. This type of product can be used for many applications in many different sectors in which the air must have a high level of cleanliness.


Whatever your needs, we are at your complete disposal for a consultancy on the best purification and filtration solutions for your specific requirements. The many years’ experience acquired and our know-how enable us to offer a high level of customisation in pocket filter solutions and we can also provide a wide range of accessory or replacement products that you can read about on our website. To contact us, you will find the addresses and telephone numbers of our company on the dedicated contacts page.