electrostatic filters

Electrostatic filters


The electrostatic filters are available in monobloc solutions including several large capacity cells. The electrostatic filters consist of:

• a pre-filter made of metal wool at the intake of the air for the purpose of stopping the larger pollutants;
• an ionising cell consisting of aluminium blades that create a positive electric filed;
• a collector cell of plates that are positively charged and which repel the ionised particles.


Realization of electrostatic filters


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Electrostatic filters


Electrostatic filters are used to purify and filter fumes, dust and pollutants from processes that cause oil mists such as the moulding of plastic materials and welding. In general, this type of filter is chosen for pollutants with granule sizes of between 10 and 0.01 micron. The units are made with a horizontal or vertical development according to the needs of the company, for dry or damp dust. The filters are made of carbon or stainless steel plate.

A series of accessories can be combined with the electrostatic filters to improve their performance and maintenance such as mechanical filters or post filtration units. Furthermore, the filter can also be combined with a cleaning system if they operate continuously. The companies requiring this type of electrostatic filter are those which must deal with the problem of treating fumes, dust and oil mist, while it is not suitable for filtering insulating dusts.


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