Bio filters


Nature offers solutions even for industry with the innovative Bio filters: these special filters are able to neutralise the particles by means of the use of micro organisms that feed off of organic chemical substances.


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Bio filters


The natural process carried out by these biological vegetable micro organisms for their metabolism lead to the destruction of the biological substances and creates non-toxic compounds such as water or carbon dioxide for example that do not release any odour. The main factor to be kept under control is the humidity which must not be excessive. The materials chosen as filters can be peat fibre, a compound of heather and wood, some wood resins, coconut fibre and peat. This organic material which acts as a filter is useful for micro organisms as a source of nutritional substances for compounds of carbon, phosphorous, trace elements or nitrogen. The possibility to use natural vegetable bio filters is a great resource for industries that treat pollutants in order to convert the waste products into air or non-toxic water.


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