post combustors

Post combustors


Our company also produces post combustors which carry out heat oxidation processes on gas flows containing volatile organic pollutants. This process which takes place at high temperature is able to change the pollutants into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide or steam.

Post combustors are widely used as they allow excellent results to be achieved when treating harmful substances with results that go far beyond the regulations set by international laws, while the operating costs are particularly low.


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Post combustors


A post combustor consists of a combustion chamber containing a burner that pre-heats and maintains the temperature of the stream of air and a catalyzer that improves the efficiency and the speed of oxidation. The process with an exchanger leads to self-sufficiency so that the costs of running the equipment are nil. This type of system is available in different modular units which enable the simple and fast assembly of the burner and heat exchanger. The companies that normally need this type of system are those based on machining processes that use volatile organic compounds.

A whole series of accessories is available to complete the offer of the post combustors and to increase the efficiency of the machinery and the processes such as ducts, extraction arms, extraction hoods, hose reels, filtering material, inverters and fans. For the best product it is necessary to study the geometry of the post combustion chamber, use burners that guarantee a certain turbulence of the air flow, a uniform temperature in the chamber and the stay time of the flow at the reaction temperature. You can browse the website to discover other related products and systems that we have set up for our customers.


For further information concerning our post combustors, please contact us by phone or by e-mail at the address shown on our website. We will be delighted to place all our experience in this field at your disposal as well as our catalogues so that you can have the most complete and customised overview possible for your company’s needs regarding filtration and purification in compliance with the current regulations.