coalescence filters

Coalescence filters

Thanks to its twenty years’ experience in the field of air extraction systems, L.M. Tecnologie dell’Aria is able to offer its own technology to treat fumes and mist produced by any type of machine (presses, machine tools, etc.).

Amongst other things, these techniques enable all the pollutants present in the air to be eliminated (such as oil or impurities in the air).

The technique consists of two separate parts:

  • the separation of the particles of oil from the other impurities present in the air;
  • the separation by coalescence of the particles of oil sucked into the air.

  • This operation reduces the quantity of particles of oil in the air to a very low level and it is fundamental in hot–pressing and machine tool processes.
    Obviously, the systems created by L.M. Tecnologie dell’Aria are customised 100% to satisfy the requirements of our current and potential customers…


    Realization of Coalescence filters


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