wet painting booths

Wet painting booths


Companies dealing with certain types of painting on various materials and in different sectors are required to install wet painting booths in compliance with the regulations currently in force concerning the protection of health at work and the environment.

Our company designs and produces booths of the manual or automatic type that use water for the filtration of dust arising from wet painting. This type of structure is fitted with an electric control panel, ceiling light fitting, a differential pressure gauge, a spraying consent relay and activated carbon filters. The curtain of water which characterises the wet painting booths is supplied by a cooling pipe fitted with spraying nozzles and separator filters that separate the steam from the air.


Realization of wet painting booths


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Wet painting booths


The wet painting booths are normally used in industries dealing with the production of furniture and the coating of wood, chairs, doors, frames, windows, wooden or metal stairs and other products in these materials. Among the main advantages of the wet painting booths, mention should be made of the modularity which enables custom designed plants to be set up that fit into different spaces and in different work processes, the ease of installation and the relatively low running costs compared with other solutions.


Our company also deals with the design and production of many products linked with safety and the environment such as oil mist filters, coalescent, pocket, bag, cartridge, activated carbon and electrostatic filters, Scrubbers and Venturi systems, bio filters, dry painting booths, cyclone separators, wood silos, soundproofing structures and much more besides. You can find all the details by visiting our website or you can ask for a consultation by filling in the contact module on the dedicated page. We will be pleased to provide you in the shortest possible time with all the necessary information so that you can choose the most suitable solution for your professional requirements according to the regulations issued by the governing bodies. It is very important to place your trust in an experienced, competent and professional company and for this reason, we assure both existing and potential customers of the seriousness of our work.