soundproofing structures

Soundproofing structures


Soundproofing structures play a fundamental role in any production process which requires the absorption of sound deriving from machines, motors, fans or machinery of any type. They are built with a double metal sheet on the inside in which the soundproofing material is inserted in different sizes according to the level of noise absorption to be obtained. This soundproofing structure is used to cover boilers, pumps and control organs which, as a result, are protected from damage due to external agents or processes and consequently last longer with an improvement to their performance efficiency and a reduction in noise pollution.


Realization of Soundproofing structures


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Soundproofing structures


The soundproofing structures are made using standard or customised panels according to customer requirements. They can be fitted with inspection windows or access doors with anti-panic handles to ensure maximum safety for the operator and compliance with the laws in force. It is also important to underline that our structures are fireproof and, therefore, guarantee greater protection of the staff and the work environment itself. Another advantage of the panelling of the soundproofing booths is the heat insulation that they afford.

These structures can be custom designed in every detail and their performance further enhanced by the addition of various accessories that we will present to you during the design phase to complete the offer. Our company has been dealing for years with equipment and structures dedicated to improving the quality of life of the worker and the external and professional environment, by designing products with a high level of efficiency and safety in compliance with the regulations in force.


The soundproofing of professional environments in certain types of industries that use machinery or very noisy processes is an important factor to be taken into consideration for the well-being of your employees, but also to achieve a healthier working environment. We are able to provide you with all the specific information regarding your sector and the most suitable products for satisfying your requirements with a view to achieving maximum customisation of the end result. Contact us using the contact form on the dedicated page of the website or phone the numbers given on the contact page.