oil mist filters

Oil mist filters


Many companies find themselves having to deal with the problem of oil mist originating from lubricating and refrigerating liquids used for certain manufacturing processes which must be eliminated in the most appropriate way. Some particular machining processes of a mechanical and industrial type produce oil mist which affects the work atmosphere. To overcome this problem, our company offers oil mist filters that purify the air guaranteeing a healthier work environment.

There are different levels of filtration that can be chosen according to the quantity of pollutant and the size of the same. Each professional sector follows specific regulations and must tackle different problems, so for this reason our company offers the most appropriate customised solutions.


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Oil mist filters


Various accessories facilitate the work of the oil mist filters, dealing with the pre-drainage phase in which there are many oily particles to be filtered. These include the separator accessory that helps with the purification in the case of solid particles, the silencer that reduces noise pollution, the final cartridge filter if highly efficient filtration is required, installation aids such as flanges, adapters, pipes, clamps and many other items that may be necessary to operate the filter. Our company takes care of the products from their manufacture to their transportation and installation as well as the after sales assistance and maintenance service.


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