wood silos

Wood silos


Our company has been dealing for a long time with the design and production of wood silos that are used to store the dust that is conveyed by a fan through pipes and then purified by means of filtration bags located on the top of the silo from where the dust is then emitted. A stub pipe enables quantities to be drawn off for analyses to be made of the emission of dust into the environment so that it always complies with the relevant regulations in force. The wood silos are robust and sturdy, do not require any particular maintenance or cleaning work and optimise running costs. The chips and residue from the machining of the wood are deposited in the silos to enable them to be re-used. The companies mainly requiring this type of device are those working in the furniture and wood sector which can use the residue collected to feed the boilers continuously for heating or for production, thus making the company management more efficient. Various possible solutions exist for wood silos and we are able to provide you with the most suitable type for your specialisation and the type of machining usually carried out within your particular professional sector.


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Wood silos


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